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Tina Smith


Tina Smith

Tina trained as a traditional sign writer back in the early 90s, here’s her story…

“If someone said that after the age of 40 I would be part of a group painting people head to toe and winning a competition for it I would have had them certified!

Like most it started by doing face painting to earn some extra money. I didn’t know anyone else doing it and wanted more information so I went along to the UK Face Painting Conference in Birmingham in 2012 and was transfixed by the body painting and knew I just had to paint someone. I got my opportunity in 2014 at a private meet in Hull.

I never looked back from that day and took every opportunity to body paint, learning so much from everyone each time I painted.

In October 2014 I entered the body painting competition at the UK Face and Bodyart Convention in Birmingham, I had a lovely assistant Anna Brookfield and a lovely model Nikkiita Mclusky, we worked hard that evening and to our amazement we won, a very proud time for us all.

In January 2015 I with 3 other people set up The Midlands Bodypaint Project, an organization set up to look after artists, models and photographers. We have a great group and I have made a lot of friends along the way, we just all love to get together and make art. Among all the fun we do have a serious side to The Project and that is to look after everyone and ensure good practices are adhered to.

My work has been published in the Kustom Kulture, Blast off magazine, Illusions magazine, Chad magazine and Twist Edge International.”