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Tina Smith


Tina Smith

On how she began body painting Tina Smith says, “Oh my where did it all start, painting semi-naked people?! Must have been having a midlife crisis as I started body painting after the age of 40, life was pretty boring before. My first body paint was on a young, handsome. 6’ odd tall guy called Luke; I’ve never looked back!

“Like most people I was face painting before and wanted to know more and learn more. In January 2015 I with three other people set up The Body Paint Project, an organization that looks after artists, models and photographers. We have a great group and I have made a lot of friends along the way, we just all love to get together and make art. Among all the fun we do have a serous side to The Project and that is to look after everyone and ensure good practices are adhered to. We decided to separate it into areas to be able to take each region in the direction we want and I now run the Midlands Body Paint Project with Sarah Smith.

“Even though I’m busy as I work at a secondary school and have a family, I love body painting and wish I could do it every day.”