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Suzi Battersby

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Suzi Battersby

Suzi has been a part of BAFTA-winning and Oscar and Emmy award nominated teams during her 7 year career. Her credits include ‘Alien: Covenant’, ‘Holby City’ and ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’. In 2017, she established her own practical effects company, Red Girl, where she and her team have created prosthetics and props for various film and TV productions, including Netflix and the BBC. Suzi says: “Red Girl was founded as one of only a few women-led practical effects companies in the UK with innovation and problem-solving at its heart. The company has provided work for Netflix shows ‘The Rook’ and ‘Typewriter’, BBC shows ‘Holby Cit’y and ‘Doctor Who’, and for upcoming sci-fi interactive film ‘The Complex’.” Suzi will be a member of the ‘Glue like a Girl’ panel presented by PAM: look out for schedules near the event to find out where and when to see it!