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Suzanna Forrister-Beer, Make-Upps


Suzanna Forrister-Beer, Make-Upps

Suzanna Forrister-Beer’s beautiful work from last year’s event is featured on this year’s tickets and we’re delighted to welcome her back to demonstrate European Body Art products on the Neill’s Materials stand.

Suzanna’s makeup and body art graced the red carpet and stage at Vienna’s Life Ball this year, for the world’s largest celebrity charity AIDS awareness event under the uber-creative direction of Austrian makeup artist Birgit Mörtl. She was also part of Einat Dan’s team for New York Fashion Week at Grand Central Station, and Victoria Gugenheim’s team at IMATS London 2017 for Make-up Artist Magazine.

Suzanna’s work has won multiple award and been published extensively, including in Vogue Italia, Faceon, Warpaint, Professional Beauty, Bizarre, Vintage Life, dooho, Photoshoot, Pinstripe & Kustom magazines, and more recently on a variety of global book covers with Neostock.

Enjoying taking an idea from a word or theme, she says,

“I research around that word in concepts, not pictures, until I make links and connections and start to formulate an idea that I can visualise. It is not until this point I will start looking at contextual images, generally from natural forms, as it is so easy to get another artist’s work stuck in your mind’s eye. For me it is important to create something original and unique, and not just replicate someone else’s work.

“Prosthetics increases the freedom to explore a theme and take it to the next level by extending the idea beyond the human form. I have always loved sculpture, so it was a natural progression for me into this area of makeup.”

At the event Suzanna will be working with model Olivia Smissen, exploring the ancient art of corn dollies, and the corn spirit that lies within…