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Steve Johnson


Steve Johnson

For three decades Steve Johnson has been transforming raw elements, cutting-edge technology and pure thought into mind-boggling creations. His company is responsible for the make-up effects in over two hundred films, countless television shows, commercials and music videos. He’s blown the doors off audience’s expectations with unbelievable characters and FX in some of the most astounding and beloved films of our time. From the beauty and grace of the aliens from ‘The Abyss’ to the zany antics of the ghosts from ‘Ghostbusters’. From the ground-breaking robotics for Robin Williams’ ‘Bicentennial Man’ to the alien seductress from ‘Species’, to the multi-tentacled Doc Ock from ‘Spiderman II’.

Steve’s range of projects also includes live-action. When Criss Angel needed assistance to create his earth shattering illusions, he turned to Mr. Johnson! His team has also created animatronic characters for theme parks around the globe, including Disney Theme Parks in Florida and Tokyo.

A career of that magnitude needs to be documented for time immemorial and finally, after over ten years of writing, editing, collecting and cataloging photos, Steve is now ready to unleash: RUBBERHEAD: Sex, Drugs, and Special FX!

Rubberhead, Volume I, is the first in a five-volume series of high-end coffee table books, chronicling the memoirs, art and unedited antics of Steve Johnson.

In his own words “RUBBERHEAD will be part memoir, part art book and ALL AWESOMENESS!”

This absolutely stunning first volume in the series truly has something for everyone– from the now legendary exploits of Mr. Johnson both in and out of the shop, to tons of never before seen photographs from the days when his special FX company worked on some of the biggest and most groundbreaking genre blockbusters of all time – take a look at his vast filmography here: IMDB