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Ricky Leach


Ricky Leach

Richard Leach was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire in 1968. He works predominantly in the medium of sculpture and is a self-taught artist who from an early age enjoyed drawing monsters, creatures and anything horror based; old folklores of vampires and werewolves sparked his imagination and creativity.
The early 80’s was an exciting time for everything horror-related. Ricky discovered the works of Rob Bottin and Rick Baker, which inspired and captured his imagination with the possibilities of pursuing this new wave of creature design as a career. He focused his attention on the arts and through trial and error practise, learnt the craft to hopefully one day become an FX artist.

Ricky has worked freelance for Image Animation, Hybrid and other FX companies and is now the owner of Wolfen Designs, a company that produces model kits that are dedicated to creating unique creature designs. He designs, produces and sells these creations in resin for artists and hobbyists.