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Rasiha Kavaklidere


Rasiha Kavaklidere

Rasiha Kavaklidere is 34 and married with two little girls. Her interest in face and body painting began in December 2013. She has been painting now for almost two years and is growing more and more passionate and developing her artistic skills every day.

Whilst honing her technique, she is grateful to have had opportunities to work with some highly talented artists such as Mona Turnbull, Brierley Thorpe and Caroline Young.

Prosthetics is a new passion for Rasiha and she’s very interested to learn more about the field of special effects make-up. She says “There is no end to creativity and imagination, I’m always willing to take on new challenges and to learn something different so that I can develop more of my skills.”

Rasiha’s painting in the Body Art Zone will be a Gothic Angel titled ‘Magnificent’. She will be assisted by pro make-up artist Allie Bell Mesher and their model will be Laura J Draycon.