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Nikki Shelley


Nikki Shelley

Nikki’s incredible talent for innovative face painting FX has made a sudden impact on the Internet because she has only been painting for 18 months, is completely self taught and does all her painting at home on herself. She will be demonstrating her skills on a dedicated stand and we’re delighted The Prosthetics Event will be Nikki’s first major public appearance.
Many of you who have followed her online and will no doubt be excited to finally meet her! Here’s what she said when we asked for her make-up FX story so far…

“I first started out just painting my own children at Halloween, I was ‘nudged’ to take it more seriously by my family who thought I should do more with my talent, so I started looking into the special FX world and some of the amazing things that could be created. The work was so inspirational it pushed me to take the next step with my painting and try things that maybe hadn’t been done before with face paint. I joined Facebook groups and posted some of my work for people to see and the reaction I got was fantastic! From there my work seemed to take a huge leap forward. I’ve gone from a once-a-year painting Mum, to having my name recognised by people around the world……….. amazing!! I am a self taught painter, painting my own face as often as I can to practice and perfect my techniques, hours spent in front of a small mirror in low lighting! I now have my own home studio, with professional lighting and a much bigger mirror!!”