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Neill’s Materials


Neill’s Materials

Neill’s Materials is at the forefront of product innovation, supplying the best quality moulding, casting, prosthetics, make-up effects and sculpture products at the best possible prices, along with excellent customer service and unbeatable shipping rates.
Run by multi award-winning prosthetics designer Neill Gorton who devises and designs many of the company’s own brand products, their development objective is to empower creativity. Recent additions to the range include the Face Armature Kit that’s been a huge hit with customers this summer, Sil-Key and Pro-Key Adhesives and Thinners, Key Pigments, Key-Cap Beads and Silicone Mask Armatures, with ‘how to’ videos on their website and YouTube channel to demonstrate using these and other available products.

Specialist services include providing bespoke student kits for education sector courses at highly competitive prices, and the popular Kit Builder which offers bundles of discounted products with which to build your kit.

Neill’s Materials doesn’t have reps. This keeps overheads down and allows those savings to be passed on to the customer and if you need advice about using materials, the Facebook group ‘Neill Gorton’s Make-Up FX 911’ is there to help. With nearly 13,000 members, it has an incredible archive of information and a huge international network of artists who are generous with their knowledge.

Neill believes you’ll get smarter and more impartial advice about materials from people like this who have genuine, real world experience of using them, than you’ll get from a company sales rep who is actually being paid to sell to you.