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Neill Gorton


Neill Gorton

No prizes for guessing our next artist…the captain of our ship NEILL GORTON will be residing over proceedings on the Main Stage as master of ceremonies again!
Since last year multi-award winner Neill has been busy working with the company he co-directs with Rob Mayor and Kate Walshe, Millennium FX, on films such as ‘Another Mother’s Son’ for which he created one of his trademark ageing makeups on actor Julian Kostov. Other ageing makeups designed and sculpted by Neill this year have appeared in commercials for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s action role-playing video game ‘Shadow of War’ and on actor John Simm, to disguise his character The Master in the ever popular ‘Doctor Who’.

Neill also helped singing megastar Adele add a comic twist to her birthday party, lending her some extra years with a Nan Taylor-style ageing makeup that delighted both her and her fans!

Further 2017 jobs have included creating more characters for ‘Doctor Who’ as well as ‘Red Dwarf’ and ‘Tracey Ullman’s Show’, for which he designed and oversaw the production of all the prosthetic makeups. Neill picked up an RTS award for series one of ‘Tracey Ullman’s Show’ (as well as a BAFTA nomination) straight after last year’s event, shared with makeup designer Vanessa White and prosthetics artist Floris Schuller and boosting his total award count to 13. One of Neill’s favourite makeups from series two of ‘Tracey Ullman’s Show’ is one of the actor’s transformations into Rupert Murdoch, which he designed and sculpted himself – see if you can guess who it is under that makeup below and take a look at the progression shots further on to find out if you’re right!

Neill has also been immersed in collaborative development work with world-leading robotics specialists Engineered Arts this year, improving the standard of realism in the robotics used in some of the world’s major theme parks. These technical developments were featured in a documentary on Channel 4 in the spring called ‘How to Build a Human,’ which was based around creating an autonomous robot involving artificial intelligence or AI (by Engineered Arts), and realistic skins (by Millennium FX), to pass off as a real person in Skype interviews.

A high point of the last 12 months occurred In July, when Neill was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Bolton in recognition of his outstanding services to the creative industry, a proud moment and one that makes him unique, as the only current holder of this academic honour in the field of prosthetics.