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At the cutting edge of prosthetics, animatronics and lifecasting, and working with the industry’s leading creative artists, Mouldlife continue to direct and innovate, developing and improving special FX products and materials across the industry. Mouldlife are the key distribution partner for Polytek across Europe and the West Coast of the USA. Notably our Platsil Gel revolutionized the way silicone prosthetics are produced, creating visually superior products applied with simple techniques, forever changing the industry. The new Platsil Gel 25 being the latest example in this pioneering range.
Mouldlife distribute a wide variety of materials to many different industries, prototyping and modelmaking compounds being one of our leading product groupings. The materials supplied include a range of fast cast, optically clear, and impact-resistant rigid resins, simulating ABS, PP, PE, PC and other conventional moulding polymers. We also supply the market-leading, flexible PU elastomers – ProFlex and PTFlex.