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Millennium FX


Millennium FX

Millennium FX is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of prosthetics, animatronics and makeup FX for film, television, music promos, theatre and corporate projects. Prolific on both the big and small screens, the sheer amount of work the company has produced over the years is vast and we’re pleased to show some examples old and new here. Founded in 1999 by Neill Gorton, the company is now co-directed by Rob Mayor and Kate Walshe and holds 12 major industry awards.

Their work covers everything from the subtlest ageing makeups to armies of aliens and 9’ robots that appear on screen, in live performance environments on stage, in the leisure industry and marketing campaigns. Recent corporate work includes special exhibits for Madame Tussauds’ interactive exhibition ‘Kong: Skull Island’ in London and New York, for which they built the multi-sensory animatronic head of the gigantic Kong himself in collaboration with Engineered Arts, constructed to scale at more than 18 feet high.

Recently Millennium has provided the prosthetics for TV shows such as ‘Doctor Who’, ‘The Worst Witch’, ‘Class’, ‘Red Dwarf’, ’Tracey Ullman’s Show’, ‘Zapped’, ‘Urban Legends: Waiting for Andre’ and for movies like ‘The Titan’, ‘The Forest’, and ‘Victor Frankenstein’.