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Michaela Bayley


Michaela Bayley

Michaela Bayley is a very innovative, skilled and experienced creature effects artist who enjoys creating fanciful figures from her vivid imagination with the absurd and fantastical, and whatever seemingly weird or ordinary happenings can inspire her to think of outlandish creatures.
She first experienced working on a film production as a child alongside renown Hollywood A list actors. Since then she has experience working in various roles both sides of the camera. Following an art foundation diploma course, Michaela went on to develop her media skills and specialised in photography and film at University. Several years later she found her niche and was inspired to follow her dream of becoming a SFX artist.

Inspired by everyday objects and the natural world, she has utilised her skills to create exciting, innovative, diverse and intricate creatures, prosthetics & special effects makeup. Michaela is dedicated to using the correct process, appropriate materials and stretching herself with new techniques/materials; constantly developing her visionary and thought-provoking work by incorporating and pioneering her own unique style. She enjoys developing different technologies and has also exhibited some of her creatures in two solo shows.