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LBC by Sian Richards


LBC by Sian Richards

The superb range from LBC by Sian Richards will be on the Neill’s Makeup stand. LBC is based on integrity and genuine love for high quality products that do not affect the environment in any negative way. All their products are made from 100% renewable resources and we’re excited to have the new Longwear and Alco Colour Palettes at the event as well as their popular brushes and shampoos.
The 4K Longwear Creme Palettes are a silicone based multifunctional product that can survive humidity and last all day whilst maintaining fantastic coverage including over tattoos. You can paint prosthetics with it and thin it down with 99% alcohol to create a translucent paint – and no powder needed to set it either!

So for the first time in the pro cosmetic community there is an alcohol free product that can be applied in conjuction with prosthetic appliances.

The Alco Colour Pro Palettes are for special effects and character makeup, tattoo coverage, painting onto hair to either get rid of grey or create something new temporarily. This product is a vinyl paint that is activated with either 99% or 70% alcohol and applied as you would a water colour paint. You can take the paint from incredibly translucent to opaque when you layer it. When it dries, it is flexible, waterproof, buildable and long lasting.