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Jon Davey


Jon Davey

Jon Davey is a creature performer and has appeared in 35 episodes of ‘Doctor Who’. He will be part of our special feature ‘Hiding Behind the Sofa – the Monsters of Doctor Who’ on the Education Stage, with Kate Walshe and Ailsa Berk.
In true ‘Doctor Who’ spirit, inside every monster is a really nice human! Kate Walshe (prosthetic effects producer) will be talking to Ailsa Berk and Jon Davey (creature performer) about bringing the monsters of Doctor Who to life – from the inside out.

With special behind the scenes images and video of recent creatures from the show, they will tell tales of the blood, sweat and tears that go into creating some of the most well-loved terrors on British television.

Jon has played many ‘Doctor Who’ monsters in his time on the modern series of the BBC’s flagship sci-fi show, including the Ood, the Whisper Men, the Mire and of course the Daleks. He’s even had his actual human face appear on occasion! Amidst his busy filming schedules inside creature costumes, Jon also works as a photographer and cinematographer, including recently shooting a music video for Radiohead.