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Jocelyn Bennett-Snewin


Jocelyn Bennett-Snewin

Jocelyn is currently working at Millennium FX after training on the Gorton Studio 7 week ‘Make-up FX & Prosthetics Creation’ course in the summer of 2014. During the past year she has worked on ‘Doctor Who’, horror film ‘The Forest’, and at Coulier Creatures on ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’ along with many things she can’t tell us about yet!
Jocelyn says,
“I was enthralled with the complex processes that go into creating props and prosthetics whilst working at Dragon Armoury in 2012, making fantasy armour and weapons. I realised I could use some of these new skills to try to get work in the TV and film industry which I never thought was possible before; it was something that other lucky and more talented people did. I have been extremely lucky I think to have gotten to where I am this year, but I have also worked very hard for it too! I honestly love this career choice and I hope to be learning and creating for many more years to come!”