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Joanna Strange


Joanna Strange

Joanna Strange is a makeup, hair, 2D and headdress artist who also dabbles in YouTube, customising clothes, modelling and photo retouching. With five years of industry experience across all sectors and three qualifications in makeup including a first-class BA (Hons) degree, Joanna is highly trained and in demand. She placed 3rd in her first body painting competition in 2014, has also won a makeup competition and came into the final five of 2016’s NYX UK Face Awards.

Joanna started makeup and art when she was 18 and had been in art therapy, but before this she’d never felt she was any good at art and stuck to academic subjects. Since then she’s not looked back and is often found doodling, making headdresses or putting glitter on everything! Her favourite style is abstract and avant garde, which she usually ties together with a headdress, accessories and costume pieces of her own creation.

Heavily influenced by avant garde artists, abstract art, the horror genre, the circus and all things strange, she channels this into most of her work. Known for her special effects and abstract work, Joanna intends to bring a new design to the event that incorporates the two on her model Sophie Moet.