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Gerald the Gorilla was created by Millennium FX, one of Europe’s leading screen prosthetics companies. He has silicone and foam latex skin over a muscle suit with custom synthetic stretch fur and an animatronic head.
He’s a Western Lowland, the smallest sub-species of Gorilla and is a typical example of a fully-grown large male, standing completely upright at approximately 6’ tall.

Gerald earns a living acting and making live appearances at places like the Natural History Museum and London’s exclusive social hot spots like Nick House’s ‘Steam and Rye’. He takes his appearance work very seriously and draws inspiration from the other great apes in ‘the business’, such as King Kong, Dr. Zaius and Bingo from ‘The Banana Splits.’

Gerald is excited to be taking part in Prosthetics Jam, where he will be brought to life by well-known creature performer Aidan Cook and one of Millennium FX’s SFX Producers Karen Spencer.