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Eszter Hercsik


Eszter Hercsik

Eszter’s makeup career began in beauty makeup, which led to her working with luxury brands creating high fashion images. In recent years, she has become infatuated with the endless amount of techniques available to learn within special effects and prosthetics. Most of Eszter’s inspiration in this area initially came from watching movies, but then she attended the London IMATS in 2002, and meeting the creators of iconic prosthetic effects in person led her to become truly hooked and ignited a desire to work in the film industry.

Eszter says,

“My most recent endeavour has been working on the ‘Strike Back 6’ TV series for HBO. I have many goals still yet to achieve in life, but what I am most proud of is being apart of award winning photographic projects, which has led to my work being exhibited in London and Europe. Working for London Fashion Week for many years has also opened up the opportunity for my work to be featured in Vogue, Phantasm, Dark Beauty, Giuseppina magazine and many more.

It has always been important to me to express my creativity within my work. When I travel the world I take inspiration from all the places I visit, the objects I see, the artwork and even the people I meet. My goal is to tell my story through my art in the hope the world will accept me for the way am I am and to inspire people as others have inspired me. I put a lot of love, time and effort into my makeup creations and will always continue to do so as my profession is not just work, it is my passion.”