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Chris Clarke


Chris Clarke

Chris Clarke is an internationally renowned Animatronics Designer who has been a master of this incredibly complex, technical craft for two decades. His innumerable credits include ‘Munich’, ‘The Golden Compass’, ‘War Horse’, ‘Wrath Of The Titans’, ‘Harry Potter’ and more recently, ‘Star Wars Episode VII’. We’re delighted he will be appearing on the lecture theatre stage to give an insight into this highly specialized area of prosthetics.
Chris is a 24 year veteran of movie and television, and is planted firmly in the old school ‘self taught from childhood’ category, making his first animatronic aged 6, and proceeding to spend his childhood in the garage building creatures, models and optical printers. Considered by many of his peers to be a leading light in the Animatronic world he has worked on some 40 plus movies as well as a multitude of TV, advert and promo work through the years, supervising, department heading and on-the-bench building on many movies. Always willing to share his methods with anyone who asks his advice, he hopes to be able to add his insight to this specialist branch of makeup effects/creature work.