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Cantor & Nissel


Cantor & Nissel

Cantor & Nissel are the biggest name in FX contact lens manufacture in the UK, as well as creating lenses used on productions all over the world.

Cantor & Nissel have been providing contact lenses to eyecare professionals for use in the TV, film, makeup and advertising industry for over 27 years. Custom contact lenses are lathe cut from a hydrophilic material and are known as soft contact lenses. They can then be hand painted using FDA and CE approved reactive dyes to achieve a whole range of visual effects including blood shot eyes, aged eyes, zombies and vampires to name but a few. Even if a basic change of eye colour is required, they are able to provide lenses that will deliver a natural looking transformation.

The company’s special eye department has been creating false eyes for decades, both human and fantasy, which have been an integral part of many well known screen characters including icons like Yoda.

Cantor and Nissel featured in issue #6 of Prosthetics Magazine, taking us through the essentials of eyecare. The images show examples of their contact lenses complementing makeups by Richard Martin and Ruth Parry and Yoda’s extremely famous false eyes!