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Angela Youngs


Angela Youngs

Angela Youngs will be doing a unique collaboration for the event; she has a prior engagement so will be painting model Daniel Kerry the day before, and sending him to be finished by fellow body artists Jennie Roberts and Cat Finlayson in our Body Art Zone!

Daniel will be transformed into ‘Ymir’ the Viking ice god. Norse mythology believed mankind came from the sweat of Ymir’s armpits and said of him,

“Of Ymir flesh was earth created, of his blood the sea, of his bones the hills, of his hair trees and plants, of his skull the heaven”

Angela has been a partner in a successful theatre company for the last twenty years, designing characters, making props, writing and acting. She has been body painting for almost four years and has painted at numerous venues. Working hard to create unique pieces she has been very lucky to win: Bodyfactory 2013, Painswick 2014, Most Creative Design at Living Arts Festival and Special Effects at Warpaint FX Competition, 2014 and 2015 and it was most exciting for her to be face painting winner at the winter festival in Italy.

Last year she had the pleasure of being chosen as Illusion Inspirational Artist of the year.

Angela likes to merge body art, special effects and a bit of theatre to try and create something a little bit different, and is always striving for that ‘something special’. Her designs are often described as ‘quirky’, ‘left field’ or just plain warped!! But most have had weeks of research and are often based on historical events or characters.

We’ll miss Angela at the event, but we can’t wait to see the result of her long-distance collaboration with the Paintopia team to create Ymir!