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Read about our attendees' experiences of The Prosthetics Event


We had a small number of students attend, and we managed to really take full advantage of every opportunity that was afforded us at the event, and make it 110% beneficial.
If you are interested in any special effects makeup or prosthetics then this is your Mecca. Lots of information and ways to make connections with those in the industry.
A brilliant experience of what the industry does. The only limit is your imagination.
My favourite, it is worth to go for anyone that likes makeup and prosthetics!!! And so educational
Great educators, fabulous demonstrations all day, delightful body art and a great shopping day, highly recommend!
A wide range of fantastic artists, very educational demonstrations/talks and overall just so inspiring. Can't wait for the next one
What is particularly good is the feeling of open sharing about knowledge that runs through the event, we ask so many question to the professionals...every time we get so much support and knowledge.
Such an amazing event! Loved every second of it and learnt so much!! Will come next year!! Thanks Neill Gorton and to your amazing team.
An amazing event, extremely well organised. Exploding with Creativity. Really friendly and welcoming staff. Highly recommended.
So much knowledge of the industry imparted with both wisdom and wit. A must-see for makeup/makeup FX artists serious about entering the industry - or those who simply enjoy the craft.
Best day of the year! So much learning and amazing people to talk to

Family Friendly

My daughter left the show inspired and full of ideas of how to improve her college projects. Thank you Neill and your team for sharing your love of the industry with us. Everyone we met were friendly and very helpful and we are looking forward to your next event
I took my 12-year old daughter, who has an interest in FX make up. Having never attended before, I didn't know what to expect but hoped it would be informative and interesting enough to give my daughter an idea about the industry. What we experienced though, was way beyond either of our expectations. A day full of superb practical demonstrations, talks full of incredible detail, delivered with warmth and wit, and a lovely atmosphere over the whole day. Also, it was a real privilege to get the opportunity to have such respected people within the industry talk so openly about their experiences throughout their career. We'll be back for sure.”

Tutors bringing Students

If you are a student in SfX makeup this is the best event to attend. It has a ton of demonstrations and gives you knowledge on anything prosthetics and special makeup FX
The most important thing is that the students come back fired up about their work and inspired by the things that they could potentially achieve
One of my third years did a tot up of the materials she had bought there for her project, and worked out that the discounts she got there meant that the trip had paid for itself!

Tied-in Teaching Packs

So beneficial to the learners…and it’s done for you!
Enabled us to get full benefits from the day
An amazing resource