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The Application Station showcases the work of up to twelve exciting up-and-coming artists and this year it’s competitive again! Located in Hall 2, you will find the artists applying full-scale prosthetic makeups in a dedicated area throughout the day, so check back at intervals to watch their progress and feel free to ask them about their techniques and chosen materials!

This competition is open to everyone, but entrants are divided into newcomer and professional categories and will be judged on their own merits and level of experience. The finished makeups will be paraded on the Main Stage at 4.30pm, when the prize for the Best Overall Makeup and potentially Best Newcomer will be awarded. The prizes are fantastic bundles of makeup kit products from our generous Exhibitors.

Good luck all!


How to Apply

There is a £20 entry fee for the Application Station competition. To apply, please read the rules very carefully here. Once you have fully read the rules, please complete the form below, upload images for marketing and then pay your nonrefundable entry fee to the competition. Once we have successfully received all of the information required, your entry to the competition will be confirmed.

*Note: If you have failed to exhibit more than once at The Prosthetics Event, your application will not be considered. We hold the right to refuse any person’s entry to the competition.

Competitors 2021


Ruby Bircher

After graduating from the University of York, Ruby went on to study Special Effects and Prosthetics with Creative Media Skills at Pinewood. A love of creature creation was born, whereupon Ruby enrolled on a course at BAMM to broaden her skillset.  She has since had experience in both film and theatre, but is excited by any opportunity.





Melissa Thompson

Having spent the past five years developing her skills, through a variety of online courses, Melissa has recently begun her MA in Prosthetics Effects at Falmouth University.  Melissa hopes her work can give an audience the same amount of pleasure that she gets from creating it!





Patrycja Nowacka

With over 7 years of experience creating prosthetics, Patrycja has spent five of those working professionally in film, across both short and feature length movies. With a passion for horror and intrigued by all that is morbid, Patrycja also loves recreating casualties and wounds, taking great care to make her applications as realistic as possible.






Magdalena Rosa

Magdalena is a special effects and prosthetics makeup artist and workshop trainee. She has recently graduated from an MA in Prosthetics and Sculpting at Buckinghamshire New University, and is now working on gaining experience. Magdalena spent a couple of weeks at Millennium FX in the mould shop in addition to being on set for various films and adverts. She has a great passion for designing and creating fantasy creatures, as well as keeping her work as realistic and believable as possible.





Anya Volkov

Anya spent much of her life considering herself to be a generic artist, before falling in love with prosthetics and special effects makeup around three years ago.  She has attended courses in the UK, but works mainly in Israel in adverts, music videos, short movies, and photo shoots. “Fantasy is real” is Anya’s hashtag. She started out taking inspiration from folklore tales, but nowadays considers anything to have the potential to hotwire her fantasy genre. Passionate in all aspects of prosthetics, Anya is very excited to explore any new opportunities that come her way.